4 Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pains

4 Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pains

Lower back pains are one of the most common problems for adults and can even start during teenage years. Improper posture, a weak core, and minor accidents are some ways that can trigger lower back pains, and if left unmanaged, having a consistent pain on the lumbar can be debilitating to some who can no longer walk properly or upright.

Integrating several exercises to your daily workout is a must in order to strengthen the lower back and the core to ease the pain, and eventually, gain better body awareness, improving your overall health. We highly recommend that you try these 4 exercises at home with a fitness instructor to target your lower back:

1. Plank: Everyone can do a plank whether on an extended arm, on the elbows, or kneeling, but not everyone does it properly. In order to get the most out of your plank, take your hips down by squeezing the side of your glutes and abs. If you look yourself in the mirror, your tailbone should be on the same plane as your lower back without a bum that is sticking out. If you are new to planking, do 10 seconds of plank first, then add 5-10 seconds more as you progress. 


2. Shoulder bridges: Also known as a hip lift, this exercise is done by laying down on a mat with knees bent and feet parallel, hip-width-distanced apart. You start by lifting your hips off the mat, which opens up the hip flexors, then taking the hips down. Repeat 4-5 times without moving the knees and the feet.

3. Hip rolls: Similar to the shoulder bridge. the hip roll adds spinal articulation. You start off on the mat with knees bent and feet parallel, hip-width apart. You start off on a neutral pelvis, tucking the tailbone towards your chest as you continue to lift your hips off the mat. Then, you soften the sternum and roll down bone by bone to come back to your starting position. Repeat 4-5 times without moving the knees and the feet

Here's a 30 minute exercise that integrates the hip rolls. 

4. Roll over: Starts off by laying on the mat on an imprint with legs extended at an angle. By engaging the abs, legs hinge towards your chest, and while lifting the hips off, legs are parallel to the mat. Then, you control your way down back to your starting position. Repeat 4-5 times and then do the reverse coordination. 

Please note that you should first do all these exercises with an instructor to ensure proper breathing and alignment. If you'd like to book one of our certified instructors, please email us at hello@theshortspine.com.

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