About Us

The Short Spine activewear is named after a pilates reformer exercise called short spine, which requires precise, controlled movements and overall core strength. Similar to the exercise, The Short Spine’s brand is rooted in high-quality, ergonomically designed products that are not only functional and fashion-forward but also made with eco-friendly fabrics, enhancing workout performance and durability.

With our focus on sustainable and high-quality apparel, we live and breath the slow fashion movement, which encourages the following: 

  • Buy less at a higher quality: We invite our community to invest in thoughtful, well-made, and long-lasting products.
  • Produce at a slower pace: We emphasize on the art of sourcing, designing, and manufacturing our products. Hence, our small-batch collections are limited to a few styles/designs and colors per season.
  • Commit to sustainability and ethical practices: From our inception, we have launched various initiatives to create a long-lasting positive impact to the planet and are continuously looking for more ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our supply chain. 


Meet Our Founder

The Short Spine activewear is the brainchild of certified Stott pilates instructor, Christine Emilie Lim. In the midst of the pandemic, she had a bout of skin allergies, which left her with limited clothing options, especially skin-tight, workout clothes. This was the beginning of her journey to find fabrics that are good for sensitive skin, leading her to discover about eco-friendly, hypoallergenic bamboo apparel. 

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