What is the Pilates 100?

What is the Pilates 100?

The pilates 100 is a signature pilates exercise that helps strengthen and sculpt the abs while engaging the transverse abdominals. This exercise that can be done either on the mat or with equipment, such as the reformer or the cadillac. It is usually integrated into the pilates repertoire in the beginning to pump up the blood or at the end to finish the workout at a high note. 

The basic pilates 100 is done by laying down on a mat on an imprinted pelvic position to support the lower back while taking both legs up to table top for the starting position. Arms are extended up towards the ceiling and then pressed down on the side of the hips as you flex up on an upper body flexion or an ab curl. You then start pumping from the armpits for 100 times and can challenge yourself with different leg movements, while keeping your upper body flexion. If you feel any tension on the neck, you can take your head down on the mat.

The key to this exercise is to continuously pump your extended arms until you reach the 100th milestone and to focus on the staccato breath pattern inhaling and exhaling with 5 counts each, respectively. By utilizing a controlled breathing pattern and not holding your breath, you will have more energy to power through this ab workout. 

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