The Short Spine Pilates Exercise Explained

The Short Spine Pilates Exercise Explained

The short spine is a pilates reformer exercise that involves coordinated, precise movements, engaging the core and articulating the spine. This exercise requires strength, coordination, and flexibility. 

It starts with 2 red springs with headrest down and feet on the long straps with legs in external rotation. Feet are in a pilates V, heels together feet are apart. 

short spine reformer pilates

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Before you begin, make sure your headrest and footbar are down and you have two springs on your reformer. Using the long loops, put the arch of the foot on the straps one at a time. Go on to an external rotation of the legs and have both heels connect and toes apart. Your head is on your headrest and arms are down by your side.

You begin by rotating your legs to parallel. Then, hinge your legs towards your chest and continuously lift your hips away from the carriage. The reformer should be back at the stopper at this point. Then, you rotate your legs back to an external rotation and bend both knees. While keeping your heels anchored, you articulate your upper body down. when you no longer can't, you take the heels to the hips, and press out back to the starting position. Repeat 3-5 times. 

We highly recommend that you practice any reformer exercise with an instructor. If you'd like to book one of our certified instructors, you may email us at


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